Aerolatte Hot

  • Magically creates creamy hot or cold milk foam.
  • Original aerolatte® spiral frothing head for perfect results
  • Removable whisk head for ease of cleaning
  • Fully automatic
  • Milk froth for up to 2 cups of cappuccino.
  • Use the paddle attachment for mixing milk drinks

Aerolatte Hot Recipes

The aerolatte® Compact produces a whole pot of rich, creamy froth. Pour it into a cup or mug and then add your coffee. The coffee draws the milk through the froth to give the ideal cappuccino blend of one 1/3 milk, 1/3 froth and 1/3 coffee.

Hot Chocolate
For hot chocolate: froth the milk in the aerolatte® Compact and pour it into a mug stirring in the chocolate powder at the same time. Enjoy the silky texture of perfect creamy hot chocolate.
Then top up with pure white froth and sprinkle fresh grated chocolate.


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