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3 steps to a Christmas coffee with style!

Though Christmas is my favourite time of year, for most of us it can also be the busiest! How do we keep ourselves motivated, full of energy and high spirited during December? Follow our three steps to dress up your coffee for fun & good…

The Benefits of Coffee for our Health

As an active coffee lover in the, "I only need coffee on days ending with Y’’ club, for me, coffee does my daily productivity a justice. However, how can we really trust whether our coffee consumption can benefit our health? Brought to you…
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Vegan friendly coffee – everything you need to know

Coffee doesn’t need to be an iced americano to be vegan. I’m here to share with you the things you need to know to order a tasty takeout and what to look out for to make your homemade coffees vegan friendly.   Vegan coffee beans…
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Coffee with a Cause

‘Coffee shops with a conscience’ are the latest movement hooking in our coffee lovers. Contributing to a charitable community within our cities, high streets and towns, I for one, am a huge fan. As the UK’s capital city, London is home…

Turmeric Latte

Fill your mug halfway with milk, add 1 tsp of turmeric latte blend. Mix it with the frother for a couple of seconds before putting your mug in the microwave.

Iced Caramel Latte with a MokaVista®

Iced caramel latte paired with a doughnut you agree this is perfect for a day of summer in spring. A little bit of a comfort and a little bit of chill.

Instant creamy coffee©

When you’re really pushed for time, you can use instant coffee to make an instant creamy coffee. Put a small spoon of instant coffee directly into the hot milk and whisk with the aerolatte® steam free milk frother.

Caffe Coretti©

This is one of the well-known ‘winter warmer’ drinks of Italy. It is usually made with espresso coffee (or sometimes cappuccino) by adding a drop of Grappa, Baileys, brandy or even rum.

Caffe alla Cesare©

This is delicious espresso with a top of creamy egg yolk and Cognac. Make an espresso or mocha coffee.
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Espresso macchiato©

Another classic is the macchiato or mocha coffee macchiato. Here much less milk is used to form a firm froth on top of the coffee. Make your espresso or mocha coffee.