Caffe Coretti©

This is one of the well-known ‘winter warmer’ drinks of Italy. It is usually made with espresso coffee (or sometimes cappuccino) by adding a drop of Grappa, Baileys, brandy or even rum. Perhaps after a heavy dinner even a drop of Fernet Branca or Averna is used! The secret of a good Caffè Coretti is the “cream” that’s added to the espresso. Here are some ideas for great ‘creams’ to add to your coffee – made easy with the help of aerolatte®. Take one small glass and fill it ½ with hot milk and ½ with liquor, sweetened with one spoon of sugar (or not as you prefer).

Whisk with the aerolatte® steam free milk frother but make sure the whisk head is completely covered. Soon the milk mixture will expand by a factor of four to five times its original size and you will have a delicious “cream”. I recommend 4cl of milk to 4cl of liquor. Here are some of the liquors I use; Whiskey, Grand Marniere, Cointreau, Sambucco, Anise liquor, William Pear liquor, Amaretto, Baileys, Averna, Grappa, brandy and rum.

These liquors are suggestions, you should let your imagination help you decide – as I always say – let the aerolatte® inspire your imagination through your taste adventures.