Latte macchiato©

Another great classic that you can easily prepare with the aerolatte® frother in a few minutes, is Latte macchiato.
Take a high glass and fill it one third full with hot milk (not boiling). Add some sugar (if you like) and whisk with the aerolatte® as you did for the cappuccino. Now leave the foamed milk on one side for about 2-3 minutes. This will let it strengthen and separate. Now pour the hot filtered coffee at the top in the middle of the milk and see how the foam rises above the glass edge. This foam will not fall apart. Now you have an amusing macchiato – white milk at the bottom – a middle of brown coffee – a top of white foam. If you like cinnamon or cocoa – add it to the top.

Enjoy your Latte macchiato and everyone’s look of amazement at your beautiful coffee drink!