pouring frothy milk on to coffee

Cappuccino with the aerolatte®

As an Italian, I take my morning cappuccino very seriously. It’s part of every Italian’s morning ritual and we demand the best. Fortunately, it’s easy to make a real Italian Cappuccino with the aerolatte® at home in a few minutes.

Take a high-sided mug and fill to a third of its height with hot milk (not boiling – just hot). The aerolatte® frother will whisk the milk to three or four times the original volume. Take the aerolatte® frother and place it in the glass almost to the bottom. Hold the aerolatte® at a slight angle. Turn it on. In a few seconds you will see creamy foam begin to form. Raise the aerolatte® frother slowly to the top of the glass – but don’t take it out – lower it again. Do this a few times and you’ll see the milk froth right to the top. Once the foam is thick, you can create great peaks of foam by moving the aerolatte® whisk head slowly around the top of the froth (just under the surface).

When you’ve finished, put the aerolatte® straight down in the glass – turn it off and then take out. Your milk is ready. Make some strong coffee and pour it into a cup – ideally espresso or mocha but the beauty of the aerolatte® frother is that you can use any type of coffee according to taste. Pour the milk foam on top.

Buon Cappuccino!

 A dust of cinnamon or black cocoa on top is great.