Turmeric Latte

To make the perfect Turmeric Latte you will need:

  • Milk of your choice. (We love the rude health range with its huge selection of alternative milk drinks. Try their coconut one for this recipe!)
  • Wunder workshop turmeric latte blend, this stuff is truly delicious!
  • aerolatte® milk frother, get ready for the frothiest milk.

Fill your mug halfway with milk, add 1 tsp of the blend. Mix it with the frother for a couple of seconds before putting your mug in the microwave.

Heat your milk for around 50 seconds for the frothiest result. Once your milk has heated, it’s time for frothing!

Place the whisk head in the centre, towards the base of the mug and switch on your frother. Continue to move in a circular motion whilst gradually raising the whisk towards the surface of the mug for the frothiest result.